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Conference - Integration, Innovation and Improvement - The Professional Identity of Teacher Educators

18.02.2013 - 19.02.2013

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This conference focused on the professional identity of the teacher educator. The issue of the quality of teacher educators has been identified by the EU Member States and the EU Commission as being an important contributor to the overall quality within education systems.
In addition, both academic research and peer learning work point to a need for greater clarity about the policies supporting the selection, induction and further professional development of teacher educators.
Here you can download the conference brochure from the documents section. The online version of the brochure includes the programme and the abstracts for the keynote addresses and workshops.


Teaching Council Resources (Presentations/Images)

Photos from the event as well as the presentations and videos of the keynote speakers and the rapporteur’s report from the conference are now available.


Background reading for delegates

Delegates were encouraged to take the opportunity to review the following two documents prior to the conference.


1. Supporting the Teaching Professions for Better Learning Outcomes (Available here)

"Rethinking Education" is a Communication from the Commission to the Member States which aims to encourage them to take immediate action to ensure that young people develop the skills and competences needed by the labour market and to achieve their targets for growth and jobs.  "Rethinking Education" is supported by a range of companion documents; one of these is called 'Supporting the Teaching Professions for Better Learning Outcomes.'
This companion document notes that the objective needs to be on the establishment of highly efficient and effective mechanisms to attract, recruit, educate, retain and support teachers, school leaders and teacher educators throughout their careers

This document aims to contribute to this joint effort by highlighting ten priority areas for action.

2. Teaching Council Policy on the Continuum of Teacher Education (Available here)
The understanding of what it is to be a teacher educator is developing in the context of a growing awareness of teacher education as a seamless and coherent career-long continuum. This continuum has been articulated by the Teaching Council in its Policy on the Continuum of Teacher Education which was published in 2011. It will provide a useful backdrop to this conference.


The European Commission documents can also be found on web page:

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Cliona McLoughlin, Communications Executive, Irish Teaching Council




Catherine Brewer, Communications