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Job creation

What we are doing to support job creation and help the unemployed.

The government - through the Department of Finance, Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and the enterprise development agencies (IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland) works to ensure that Ireland provides the best possible environment for businesses to establish themselves, create jobs, and continue to grow.

The 10 Point Tax Reform Plan to help small business was announced in Budget 2013, aimed at helping improve the cash flow position, increasing access to funding, reducing the administrative cost of tax compliance, boosting demand for products in new markets and ultimately incentivising job creation.

The Action Plan for Jobs, published in February 2012, is a key pillar of the government’s job creation strategy.  It sets out actions across government and the public sector to improve the operating environment for enterprise and to address sector-specific needs. 270 actions were successfully completed in 2012.

The action plan is the first instalment in an ambitious multi-year process which will help Ireland to achieve its national targets under the Europe 2020 process and to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.  The government aims to have 100,000 more people in work by 2016 and two million people in work by 2020 (up from 1.8 million today).

The rate of job losses in Ireland has slowed dramatically though the unemployment rate remains high. Addressing the jobs challenge and getting people back to work is the government’s absolute priority. It is providing training and development opportunities to enhance skills and gain experience, better supports for the unemployed and engagement to help them on the pathway back to work.

The Irish Presidency is all about stability, jobs and growth. Our detailed policy programme is being implemented at a steady pace under key headings. Our halfway point progress report published at the end of March illustrates our progress to date.