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Youth and the Arts

Ireland’s youth arts sector is varied and innovative, encompassing dance, music, film, theatre, painting, sculpting and literature. Young people are on stage at festivals and in youth theatres, they are crafting stories, developing filmmaking skills, playing music, singing, dancing and creating award winning works of art. They are active, they are creative, and they want to express themselves.

For many Irish children the starting place for engagement with the arts is through school or organisations in their local area. Arts centres like Ark in Dublin’s city centre and Waterford Youth Arts in southeast Ireland connect with schools and youth in their communities.

Young people are shaping their own creative space and experimenting with art forms from school onwards. They continually push boundaries, embrace integrated approaches to creating art and challenge views of traditional arts. For example, young founders of the Dublin Laptop Orchestra are redefining music composition with new technology and blend folk and contemporary music traditions.

Young people in Ireland are applying their creative flair to their role as the next generation of producers, audiences, performers, critics and organisers of the arts. Events like the Fresh Film festival in March and the Irish Youth Dance Festival in summertime give these young creative minds a platform to display their works.