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Learn about the EU, your rights and responsibilities as an EU citizen and the future of the EU. This section includes teacher’s resources, student booklets about fundamental rights and youth initiatives and series of lessons about EU citizenship.

Find out more information online

Visit the Rights of the Child interactive webpage.

Visit the CSPE Teaching Resources webpage.

Read teaching resources published by EU institutions.

Read Europack teacher’s resources or download the teacher’s pack (in pdf format).

Download documents for more information about the EU:

Journey Through Europe aims to give students the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will encourage active citizenship at the European level. The emphasis is on engaging students actively in their own learning and encouraging them to discover the European Union for themselves.

What purpose does the EU serve? Why and how was it set up? How does it work? What has it already achieved for its citizens, and what new challenges does it face today? In an age of globalisation, can the EU compete successfully with other major economies while maintaining its social standards? What will Europe’s role be on the world stage in the years ahead? These are just some of the questions explored by EU expert Pascal Fortune in this series.

Young people are naturally inventive, creative, and enterprising. Youth initiatives build on this sense of adventure, and encourage young people to become involved in all aspects of their daily lives, at local level and also in the wider world. This fact sheet presents some examples of the hundreds of projects completed so far.