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25 Steps Forward Achieved by eu2013ie

Feature : 28.06.2013, 16:55 GMT

On the last working day of Ireland's Presidency of the Council of the EU, we synopsise 25 steps forward achieved under our programme for stability, jobs and growth.


No.1: JOBS & GROWTH EU-US Trade talks mandate. Potential for 400,000 extra EU jobs

No.2: JOBS & GROWTH EU-US mandate part of wider EU trade agenda. Japan negotiations launched & progress made with Canada.

No.3: JOBS & GROWTH Agreement on the Youth Guarantee with €6bn fund underpinning it

No.4: STABILITY Stronger banks with stronger supervision through SSM and CRD4

No.5: STABILITY Better budgeting for stability, growth&jobs through TwoPack & European Semester

No.6: JOBS & GROWTH Major progress on key initiatives in DigitalAgenda, including data protection and e-identification

No.7: JOBS & GROWTH through our natural resources – Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance launched

No.8: JOBS & GROWTH Focus on SMEs. Cutting red tape with Accounting and Transparency Directives

No.9: JOBS & GROWTH advancing Single Market through modernised state aid rules

No.10: JOBS & GROWTH Improved consumer rights such as new mortgage credit rules

No.11: JOBS & GROWTH Improved consumer rights in online/offline dispute resolution

No.12: JOBS & GROWTH for education & mobility. Better recognition of professional qualifications

No.13: JOBS & GROWTH through the special €2billion SME support fund COSME

No.14: JOBS & GROWTH through agreed TENT guidelines, developing the EU's transport infrastructure

No.15: BETTER JOBS Enhanced worker safety through new laws for seafarers, exploration workers, drivers & port employees

No.16: ENVIRONMENT New phase in EU's environment policy with 7th Environment Action Programme

No.17: EU AND ITS NEIGHBOURS Good progress on enlargement, EU to welcome Croatia on 1st July

No.18: DEVELOPMENT Progress on unified voice for post2015 development framework,aid resumed to Mali

No.19: JOBS & GROWTH through key education and mobility measures such Erasmus Plus

No.20: JOBS & GROWTH through our natural resources – major reforms of CAP and CFP

No.21: JOBS & GROWTH through greater opportunities in EU public procurement, worth 18% of EU GDP

No.22: JOBS & GROWTH for EU's innovators with the €70bn Horizon2020 Research support programme

No.23: JOBS & GROWTH through the Cohesion package

No.24: JOBS & GROWTH Agreement on MFF, EU's €0.96 trillion investment programme for 2014-2020

No.25: In fact, there were much more than 25 Steps. All 335 press releases from eu2013ie can be viewed here

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picture of Andrea Pappin, Spokesperson for the EU Presidency

Andrea Pappin, Spokesperson for the EU Presidency




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