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The Irish EU Presidency – at a glance

Feature : 09.07.2013, 16:30 GMT

Our goal for the Irish Presidency (1 January - 30 June 2013) was to run an efficient and cost-effective Presidency which would be deliver real results. Below are some of our memorable and useful examples of inner workings of our six months in the chair.

First off, we launched an animated video in December 2012 explaining the EU Presidency and Ireland’s role during our six months in the chair.

In January, we published our Programme of the Irish Presidency (priorities) detailing our approach across a range of key issues aimed at securing stability and securing the conditions for job creation and sustainable growth under the Presidency slogan ‘Stability, Jobs and Growth.’

This programme follows the main agreed aims of the Ireland-Lithuania-Greece Trio programme to stimulate growth, create jobs and boost EU competitiveness. The Trio Presidency Programme was presented at the General Affairs Council on 11 December.

During our Presidency, 180 political events were held and 24,000+ visitors welcomed to Ireland. The vast majority of our events took place in Dublin Castle, in the centre of the city. Visitors and delegates were able to visit our Presidency HQ virtually in advance to get an early impression.

The largest official Presidency event was the informal meeting of EU Finance Ministers (ECOFIN) in April. Take a look at the event page on the Presidency website where all documents, photos, videos and press releases are available for all official Presidency events. For a behind the scenes look at the ECOFIN meeting, check out our stop motion videos shwocasing the setting up of the temporary media marquee and preparing for arrivals of ministers.

In all, 498 images and 351 videos were published on covering official and associated Presidency events.

The Presidency was well covered on social media with 13.914 Twitter followers (as at July 1) across our Twitter accounts @eu2013ie and @IrelandRepBru - the most followed Presidency to date.

A weekly Presidency newsletter (now archiived) gave a run-down of all Presidency news the previous week and kept our nearly 2,000 subscribers up to date.

Over the six months, 141 speeches were made by the Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) and Irish Ministers, which are all available on a dedicated Presidency speeches database on the Presidency website.

As the Presidency concludes, the Achievements Report of the Irish Presidency outlines what has been achieved in partnership with our fellow Member States, our colleagues in the EU and other stakeholders.

To round it all off, a package of video highlights was produced along with our informative Presidency by numbers piece.


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picture of Andrea Pappin, Spokesperson for the EU Presidency

Andrea Pappin, Spokesperson for the EU Presidency




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